The School of Art galleries in Green Hall provide a year-round forum for the exhibition of work by students, faculty, and special guests in the four graduate departments of the School and the undergraduate program.

During exhibitions, Green Hall Gallery at 1156 Chapel Street is typically open to the public but due to COVID-19, it will remain open only to the Yale community until further notice.

Exhibition identity by Marshall Barg and Rudd Fawcett, Yale College ‘23.

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Undergraduate Thesis Exhibitions

May 12 – 22, 2023

Green Hall Gallery & 32 Edgewood Gallery

Public openings in both locations on Friday, May 19: 32 Edgewood Gallery from 5 to 7PM + Green Hall Gallery from 6 to 8PM

The undergraduate thesis exhibitions will close out the Spring 2023 gallery calendar with a presentation of work by graduating seniors in Yale College.

Staged across both of the Yale School of Art’s exhibition spaces—Green Hall Gallery and 32 Edgewood Gallery—the exhibitions will feature work by Alex Taranto, Anasthasia Shilov, Anna Zhang, Avery Mitchell, Catherine Webb, Charlie Gleberman, Diego Miró-Rivera, Dora Pang, Doruk Eliacik, Ellika Edelman, Emme Zhou, Flores Espinosa Fraga, Hannah Neves Chaves, Jack Li, Jacob Feit Mann, John Sedrak, Josephine Shin, Kelly Zhou, Linna Yao, Marshall Barg, Megan Graham, Michelle Li, Rosa Chang, Rudd Fawcett, Samantha Trimboli, Serena Cheng, Seyma Kaya, Thais Shephard, Yuri Bong, and Michael Wang.

Exhibition identity by Flores Espinosa Fraga, Yale College ‘23.

Yale School of Art’s Spring 2023 receptions are open to the public. All visitors must be fully vaccinated and boosted. Proof of vaccination/booster is required. Masks are strongly recommended and may be required in the galleries at the discretion of the school during receptions based on capacity and visitor policies.

During all other gallery hours, exhibitions are only open to the Yale Community (current ID holders) and their invited accompanied guests.

Find all upcoming receptions on our public events calendar here >


Spring 2023 Gallery Hours:* Monday-Friday 10AM - 6PM; Saturday 12PM to 4PM

*Extended hours of 4-6PM on Mondays-Fridays and 12-4PM on Saturdays are subject to change based on gallery docent availability.

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exhibition schedule

2023 Painting/Printmaking MFA Thesis Exhibition

Group 1: Jan 30-Feb 6, 2023 Public reception: Friday, February 3, 6 to 8 pm

Group 2: Feb 15-Feb 22, 2023 Public reception: Friday, February 17, 6 to 8pm

2023 Sculpture MFA Thesis Exhibition

Group 1: Mar 4-11, 2023 Public reception: March 10, 2023, 6 - 8pm

Group 2: Mar 27-April 2, 2023 Public reception: March 31, 2023, 6-8pm

2023 Photography MFA Thesis Exhibition: Apr 11-18, 2023 Public reception: April 14, 2023, 6-8pm

2023 Graphic Design MFA Thesis Exhibition: April 25-May 2, 2023 Public reception: April 29, 2023, 6-8pm

Undergraduate Thesis Show: May 12-23, 2023